Saturday, January 19, 2013

Density of light

 This post was waiting to be published for so long that now I have really big selection of photos and no text to go with it. I guess that is the problem when you want to emphasize the work of an artist through photos, in this case the work of Gabriel Dawe, the choise of words has to be perfect as well as the editing part. 
This older post about the artist that I found on It's nice that, presents the artist so well that I'm not even going to try and write another word on the subject:
"Through the materials he uses, the artist returns to his childhood frustration at his Mexican heritage, the threads, and more specifically embroidery, symbolising the purported machismo mentality, the cultural roles of the genders, and a “complicated network between ideas and people.”


 The collections that can be related to Dawe's art are Christopher Kane S/S RTW 2012 and Resort 2012

C. Kane S/S 2012 - 

C. Kane Resort 2012 - 

And for the end of this visually heavy post, one look from his S/S 2013 collection -

Note: the title of the post "Density of light" is originally the name of Gabriel Dawe's exhibition at the gallery Lot 10.
[Gabriel Dawe's photos are taken from Gabriel Dawe, Christopher Kane photos are taken from]


  1. Love this post and happy to find your blog!!

  2. Jesus this is all so crazy. I wish I could do something like this.

    xx Domenic